Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Tip: Litter Box Trouble

Digging litter out of the litter box is a hugely annoying problem. My rabbit, Graysie, did this for most of her young life, and I tried all sorts of unsuccessful methods (huge covered litter boxes, different types of litter, clapping, yelling, etc. etc.). Finally, this surprisingly simple solution ended my frustrations: I purchased metal mesh/chicken wire and metal snips from a local hardware store, cut the chicken wire in the shape of the litter box, and after pouring in the fresh litter, I placed the tight-fitting metal wiring on top. The urine and droppings fell right through the wire and Graysie wasn't able to dig the litter out. Success!
Feel free to leave comments about how you solved one of your stubborn bunny's naughty habits!


Bill Havice said...

An enclosed litter box (of the type that is usually sold for cats) is a great alternative for rabbits with free run or with large cages.

For instance,

It helps to line the bottom with a layer of newspaper, followed by a layer of litter material (such as "Yesterdays News" or "Cell-U-Dry"), and then cover that with ample amounts of hay. This gives your rabbit(s) a great place to go to the bathroom, dig, and enjoy ample amounts of hay without making a mess everywhere else.

Unknown said...

I usually put a layer of timothy hay on top of the actual littter itself and this is a lot less crumbly and dusty, so if it does get digged out of the litter box its easy to pick up. Also, since its bigger pieces, it may get shuffled around a bit, but it rarely makes it out of the box

Anonymous said...

I use petsmart's scatterless corner pan and Yesterday's News to absorb the urine under the wiring.