Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Importance of a Rabbit-Savvy Vet

Rabbits require very species-specific care that exotics inexperienced veterinarians are just not capable of providing, as certain medical conventions vary greatly between rabbits and their more conventional dog and cat counterparts. Rabbit-savvy vets know which commonly used antibiotics are dangerous for rabbits (especially Amoxicillin!); they know that rabbits cannot vomit and have highly sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, and therefore removing food and water before surgery is not only unnecessary but increases risk; and naturally, they know which diseases and conditions are specific to and more prevalent in rabbits.

Clearly, it's important to take the time to make sure your veterinarian has experience practicing rabbit medicine and surgery. When searching for a vet, don't hesitate to inquire about a potential vet's history, comfort-level, and experience. The House Rabbit Society has compiled a terrific list of experienced rabbit vets by state. If no one is listed close by, strongly consider commuting, or search for avian/exotic vets (rabbit knowledgeable medical professionals are most often classified as such) in your area and ask for recommendations. It might not be simple finding the perfectly qualified and dedicated vet, but when your pet's health is on the line, it's worth every effort!
The Rabbit Advocate friend, Augustus Cuddlesworth, belonging to Adrienne F. in Washington, D.C., is recovering from a broken front leg after getting it caught in the cage during a minor freak-out episode. Feel better soon, little buddy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mary!

Truly, an informed vet is crucial if you're a rabbit owner and lover, and happen upon such unfortunate cirucmstances as we did with August (aka Gustav, Agustus, Maximus, or Abe the Orangutan -- because he likes to climb all over the couch).

Happy to report that he's healed up and is happy-hop-kicking all over the place! I think he's super excited to have that damn splint off!

Our rabbit-savvy vet was also of supreme and immediate imporance when August accidentally ingested some rat poison over the summer... but that's a story for antoher day.


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