Monday, September 13, 2010

Maloccluded No More.. An Update on Charley

We met Charley back in November 2009, a young bunny at a shelter, days away from euthanasia due to his dental condition. His case taught me not only about rabbit malocclusion, but also about maintaining hope in a desperate situation, and more specifically, about the importance of giving every shelter animal a fighting chance, despite medical setbacks.

It occurred to me today that you all might want an update on his whereabouts and even see a few pictures of him in his new life.

Believe it or not, Charley was adopted by an amazing woman who already owned a toothless rabbit, Pedro, (and a fully-toothed one as well, Rico)-- both of whom had also been adopted from the House Rabbit Network. She sends me regular updates and pictures of him and his brothers. Suffice it to say, he is one lucky rabbit. I'll leave it to the pictures for the rest of the story.

Charley has a happy ending. I hope these pictures remind you of what each animal deserves and what each animal loses when they are denied a chance at life. Shelters are overcrowded and euthanasia for space purposes is still a relevant reality. Remember the direct link between adoption and overpopulation. Spay and neuter your pets. Talk to others about the importance of spaying and neutering. Volunteer. Fundraise. Donate. Educate. Inspire those around you. And perhaps most importantly, don't lose the meaning of "one by one." When in doubt, remember what that "one" means to Charley.


Lisa said...

"toothless" bunnies are the best! My Lexi was (we are pretty certain) an Easter bunny that was abandoned outside after her dental issues were discovered. I took her in (I'd never had rabbits, so I had no clue what I was doing), got her to a vet, and a couple months later had her front teeth removed due to severe malocclusion. She's fantastic!! And the best part? She can't chew up my computer cables :) Her boyfriend makes up for that though....

The Rabbit Advocate said...

Ha! That's great Lisa. Thank you for rescuing Lexi-- what a lucky bunny to have found you!

Brian and Lyndal said...

Oh Charley, what an adorable bun!! Love happy endings (or beginnings).

Anonymous said...

Charley is such a COOL lookin' rabbit!~ ;D I love his 'eyelash' markings!^^ Also, his personality seems really cute from the photos :) He like runs and hops in a 'skipping' like way. He seem's incredably innocent, your really blessed to have him :) Beautiful bunny!^-^

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone! Try to do the whole world a very good favor by being less angry twards 'overly cute' cartoon charictors. Espesally because now its the year of the bunny and rabbits are soo adorable. And..yeah. Why anger the animal of the year? 0.0;

I hope i'll be able to own a rabbit one day..they seem like very peaceful and happy animals :) And soo filled with life x) They could also make a great pet for the elderly, espesaly if they have backyard gates. Well its hard to say if all bunnies are into playing tag with they're masters though...but they seem like fun ;3 x) <3

Anyways, cute rabbit! Beautiful markings too. I hope this handsomely colored sweet heart will be making your family laugh and smile for many more wonderfull years^^ (AND gets to live to see another Year of the Rabbit, too!^^ 12 year old bunnies FTW =D x) <3)

Frank Slinn said...

Phew - What a close call, Charley is one lucky rabbit!

Great example of how important it is that we adopt bunnies from shelters!